• 50 Values 1000 pcs Metal Film Resistor High Precision Resistor Resistance Assortment kit for Arduino Respberry Pi Projects

    50 Values 1000 pcs Metal Film Resistor High Precision Resistor Resistance Assortment kit for Arduino Respberry Pi Projects

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    • Model: T-MF-Resistor-01
    • 100000 Units in Stock
    • Manufactured by: Treedix

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    1.  Metal film resistor is one kind of the film resistors, which is using vacuum deposition to put nichrome and other alloy onto the surface of the ceramic bar to shape a coating, through cutting to set the resistance in order to be up to the mark, and finally let surface protected by epoxide resin.
    2. Good soldering tin pin is easy for manual installation and maintenance & repair, making it work fast and well with breadboard, helping you build your arduino kit quickly.
    3. Compared with carbon film resistor, metal film resistor have the features of small volume, small size, low noise, good stability, whose ability of thermal resistance, temperature coefficient, voltage coefficient is more excellent than carbon film resistor.
    4. To sum up, Treedix Metal Film Resistor have the features of Low cost, Generates less noise than carbon composition resistor,Wide operating range, Long-term stability, Low tolerance, Low temperature co-efficient of resistance, Very small in size, High quality of thermal conduction ceramic core, High resistance accuracy.
    5. A Color Code Chart is enclosed in the package sheet and it will help you to learn the different value of each color.

    Temperature coefficient: ±100PPM/℃
    Working temperature range: -55℃~+155℃
    Accuracy: 0.25[%],0.5[%],1[%],5[%]
    Numerical value of resistance: 1 Ω~10M Ω
    Nominal value: E-96
    Resistor Tolerance: 1% tolerance
    Power Rating : 1/4 W
    Package Dimensions: 200mm x 140mm x 40mm
    Quantity: 1000 pcs (50 Values x 20 pcs)
    No need to read color bands, Each value is individually labeled

    Package include:
    50value x 20pcs per each value Metal Film Resistor
    1 ohm
    2.2 ohm
    3.3 ohm
    4.7 ohm
    5.1 ohm
    6.8 ohm
    10 ohm
    22 ohm
    33 ohm
    47 ohm
    51 ohm
    68 ohm
    100 ohm
    150 ohm
    200 ohm
    220 ohm
    270 ohm
    330 ohm
    470 ohm
    510 ohm
    680 ohm
    1K ohm
    2K ohm
    2.2K ohm
    3.3K ohm
    4.7K ohm
    5.1K ohm
    6.8K ohm
    10K ohm
    20K ohm
    22K ohm
    33K ohm
    47K ohm
    51K ohm
    68K ohm
    100K ohm
    200K ohm
    220K ohm
    300K ohm
    470K ohm
    510K ohm
    680K ohm
    1M ohm
    1.5M ohm
    2M ohm
    3.3M ohm
    4.7M ohm
    5.1M ohm
    6.8M ohm
    10M ohm